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since she seems to speak in stories

Smiles and strange grammar

Tina Dawn III
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  • smiling_gurl@livejournal.com
(Note: this journal in its current form, profile and mem's included, is basically a time-capsule. My tumblr as linked below would be the best place to reach me. Bless you wherever you are.
-Tina from Sep 23rd, 2014, who will for the record be 21 in December.)

Live Journal: Your parents grounded you halfway though colouring your walls with a ballpoint pen.

Live Journal: Because the bathroom wall got too full.

Live Journal: When your friends groove to elevator music.

Live Journal: When you can't talk to people and you think you have people-a-phobia.

Live Journal: When you're addicted to saying things and having them matter to someone.

Live Journal: Because comments from strangers make you feel loved.

Live Journal: Because No. I can't hear you now.

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This is Tina's journal. She's nineteen now, having a drawn-out existential crisis that is (as she understands it) fairly typical of people her age, and is overall mostly alright.
She has, over the last while, mostly migrated over to Tumblr. Feel free to talk to her there. Or here.

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